Speed date steel beauties

Explore the city on a beautifully refurbished vintage bike. Rates from Czk 160 (single speed folding bike) to 490 (steel frame road bike) per day. City bikes for Czk 250.

Meet the Czech pub bike

East Germany and Czechoslovakia have long ceased to exist, but their bikes are still around. Folding bikes by Eska and Mifa are just perfect for a stroll along the river.

Move like a local

With its hills and cobblestones, Prague might not look like the ideal place for a bicycle. But more and more Praguers are fed up with the daily traffic jams and opt for the bicycle as better method of transportation.

Get some air

Over 40 bikes ready to take you to the valleys, forests, villages and castles around Prague. Surrounded by any shade of green, the Czech capital is one of the most beautifully located cities in Europe.

Yet more beauty

To discover the Prague of the Praguers, you need to leave the castle and Old Town districts. Explore the charms of districts like Žižkov, Letná, Podolí, Vršovice or Smíchov and sometimes beauty of industrial decay.

Terms and conditions

Before renting a bicycle, you should make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the rental. Download the pdf and read it carefully, you will need to sign it upon renting a bike.

Bike portfolio

Vintage bikes (mostly built in former Czechoslovakia, Germany and Austria; steel frames), MTBs and trekking bikes (all terrain bikes).

Guided tours

Our sightseeing tours will show you Prague in all the aspects of this beautiful and culturally rich city. Prices per between Czk 550 (2,5-3hrs) and Czk 950 (5-6hrs). 1€ = 27Czk

Service fees

Bike rentals from Czk 160 per day (yes, per day). Guided tours from Czk 550 per person (2-3 hrs, bike, free drink). 1€ = 27Czk, 1 day = 24 hours

Service closed on Wednesday, May 31

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