Congratulations! You’ve not only found the cheapest bike rental in Prague, but one that gets constantly great feedback from clients. While most people are happy with a good deal, not everybody understands that it takes a bit of co-operation and common sense to keep this quality/price ratio. So, before renting a bicycle, it’s good to know a thing or two about this service.

A small operation: Reservations required

With the exception of some weeks in high season, this is a one-man-show throughout the year, weekends and most holidays included. If you rent a bike or book a tour, the person you are most likely to deal with is George, the owner, a bike collector and former journalist. He is in charge of all the aspects of the service  with the exception of bike maintenance, which is provided by friendly local businesses.

George, the owner of Transphere Bike rentals and tours

Running a small operation like this requires planning,  communication and, to a certain extent, co-operation. If you are willing to use emails / messaging services to make an appointment or reservation, you will almost certainly get a bike and lots of useful recommendations on top. If you just show up based on the information found on Google maps, there is no guarantee to find the service open or with suitable bikes on stock.

Please always make an appointment or reservation (email, phone), giving details about your preferences (bike type, your height, pick-up and drop-off time, contact email / telephone), see here.

1. The storage place (“shop”)

The rental service operates in an office with storage place in the Anděl neighbourhood of Prague, by the riverside. There is no shop front and no direct access from the street. When you are in front of the building, you knock at the window or ring the (bicycle) bell to have the door opened. The entrance for the bike rental is located around the corner, at number 1, Lesnicka street.

Front view

This is the view of the rental office and storage from the riverside, at Janackovo nabrezi 9. Come to the window to have the door opened. There is no door bell, use your phone or knock on the window instead.


This is the view from the corner of the streets Janackovo nabrezi and Lesnicka. Our building has two entrances. We use the one at n. 1 Lesnicka street for barrier-free access. However, there is no door bell there and you need to come to the window pictured in the image above to have the door opened.


2. Opening hours

There are no fixed opening hours, but the service is open on demand, daily between 11 am and 8 pm. This means that you need to ask for an appointment / make a reservation to get a bicycle. Ideally, you send a message (email, WhatsApp, text) at least one day (high season) or two hours (low season) before. The appointment should be between 11 and 20h (11 am and 8pm).  If you need your bikes earlier, you can pick them up the previous day and keep them overnight. The rental fee per day is for 24 hours. However, you need to store the bikes safely, ideally inside your building.

3. Prices – rental fee and deposit

City / hybrid bike: Czk 250 (EUR 10) per day

Trekking bike: Czk 320 per day

Vintage road bike: Czk 450 per day

Deposit: City Bees and Hybrids Czk 500, Trekking Czk 1000, Vintage road bikjes Czk 2500. Deposit can be payed in EUR, GBP and USD, too.

For long-term rentals (over two weeks), discounts of 20 % and more.

If you want to rent the bikes for only 4 hours, that’s fine, but the price is the same as for the whole day.

4. The bikes

The basic models (Czk 250) are second hand bikes, ten years or older, but well maintained and regularly serviced. They differ in size and equipment (breaks, gear shifting systems). If you are unexperienced as a cyclist or prefer modern, multi-gear bicycles with disk breaks, you should try a different service.

The trekking bikes (Czk 320) are not older than six years, typically equipped with Shimano Deore or Alivio group sets, V-breaks, front fork suspension, panniers, mud guards and LED lights. These bikes are suitable for multiple day trips or for cyclists, who prefer comfortable modern bikes.

The City Bees (Czk 250) are 26″ city bikes with step-through frames, three speed hub-gear and coaster breaks, without suspension.

5. Additional equipment

Locks will be provided free of charge. Helmets while stock lasts for free. Basic repair for free kit upon request.

6. Rental contract

When renting bikes, you will be asked to sign a contract, accepting our terms and conditions (please refer to this section). In order to save time, you can download the document and  fill in your details beforehand.

7. Payment

Only in cash; no credit cards of any kind. For group rentals or guided tours, you can pay by bank transfer. You can pay in Euros, if you don’t have local currency.

8. Group bookings and long-term reservation

For group bookings and reservations from abroad, we ask an upfront payment of 20 % as a reservation fee. If the booking is canceled seven days previous to the planned booking period, the money will be reimbursed (minus bank transfer fees). No reimbursement after that period.