Before renting a bicycle, it’s good to know some things about this service. This article is to summarise all the relevant information in one place.

1. The storage place (“shop”)

The rental service operates in an office with storage place in the Anděl neighbourhood of Prague, by the riverside. There is no shop front and no direct access from the street. When you are in front of the building, you knock at the window or ring the (bicycle) bell to have the door opened. The entrance for the bike rental is located around the corner, at number 1, Lesnicka street.


2. Opening hours

We’re usually open daily from 11h to 20h (11 am to 8 pm), except Thursdays and Fridays (12 to 20h). If you need your bikes earlier, you can pick them up the previous day and keep them overnight. The rental fee per day is for 24 hours. However, you need to store the bikes safely, ideally inside your building.

3. Prices – rental fee and deposit

City / hybrid bike: Czk 250 (EUR 10) per day

Trekking bike: Czk 320 per day

Vintage road bike: Czk 450 per day (NO OVERNIGHT RENTAL)

  • deposit: Czk 1000 (or 40 Euros) and the copy of a document

For long-term rentals (over two weeks), discounts of 20 % and more.

If you want to rent the bikes for only 4 hours, that’s fine, but the price is the same as for the whole day.

4. The bikes

Most of the bikes are second hand, vintage bikes and differ in size and equipment (breaks, gear shifting systems). If you are unexperienced as a cyclist or prefer modern, multi-gear bicycles with disk breaks, you should try a different service.

5. Additional equipment

Locks will be provided free of charge, deposit Czk 500. Helmets while stock lasts for free, deposit Czk 500. Basic repair kit upon request.

6. Terms and conditions

For terms and conditions, please refer to this section. You will be asked to fill your personal information and sign the agreement upon renting your bike.

7. Payment

Only in cash; no credit cards of any kind. For group rentals or guided tours, you can pay by bank transfer.

8. Group bookings and long-term reservation

For group bookings and reservations from abroad, we ask an upfront payment of 20 % as a reservation fee. If the booking is canceled seven days previous to the planned booking period, the money will be reimbursed (minus bank transfer fees). No reimbursement after that period.