Hidden, but easy to find

The rental service operates in an office with storage place in the Anděl neighbourhood, by the riverside. There is no shop front or direct access from the street. When you are in front of the building, knock on the window or ring the (bicycle) bell to have the door opened.

Bikes from 7 to 12 Euros per day

We're renting out bicycles, not cars. This is why we keep our plans reasonable. For Czk 180 (ordered online), you can have a three speed city bike, for Czk 250 a simple city or hybrid bike, and Czk 320 will get you a perfectly tuned trekking bike for multiple day trips. Vintage road bikes on request.

Move like a local

Our bikes are not branded, you will merge with the locals as one of them.

Prague off the beaten path

Steel frame vintage road bikes

Terms and conditions

Before renting a bicycle, you should make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the rental. Download the pdf and read it carefully, you will need to sign it upon renting a bike.

Bike portfolio

Vintage bikes (mostly built in former Czechoslovakia, Germany and Austria), hybrid and trekking bikes, steel frame vintage road bikes.

Guided tours

Our sightseeing tours will show you Prague in all the aspects of this beautiful and culturally rich city. Prices per between Czk 590 (3hrs) and Czk 950 (5-6hrs).


Bike and gear rental fees, cycling tours and transfer services in the Czech Republic and the neighbouring countries.

May 10 and 11: Only open on demand. Please email / whatsapp or use contact form (Menu: “Order”)

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Mala Strana – Troja – Klecanky – Roztoky and back (30km)

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Mifa folding bike

This is a vintage folding bike originally built in East Germany in the mid 1980s. It is a one speed bike and perfectly suitable for strolls along the river and...

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