Bike and Dine

Eating and riding a bike are among the most fun things you can do with your clothes on. This simple but insightful observation stands at the core of our  “bike and dine” tours, either self guided or with one of us accompanying you.

Combining these two activities will make you enjoy both of them even more, with the palate rewarding you for the pedalling, which in return helps you burn more calories than a full four course meal including drinks contain.


33    7 88Healthy, tasty and fun. Apart from this, you will (re)discover Prague and its often amazing surroundings from a cyclist’s perspective and, if you want to, meet new friends. You won’t believe how nice people can be after half a day of pedalling, with their natural highs turned on.

Stimulating endorphins, dopamine and appetite is not a big deal, if you ride long enough. Our average dining tours cover distances anywhere from 30 to 50 kms (one way, journey back usually by train or minivan/taxi), which means at least two hours of cycling with some walking in between. It’s easier than it sounds and you don’t need to be extremely physically fit. However, riding a bike shouldn’t be something you haven’t done since your childhood.

On fast bikes for slow food

If you are a steel frame road bike aficionado, you can take the experience to an even higher level by renting one of our veterans. We have a dozen of vintage beauties in our collection, including Italian and French made legends like a Luciano Paletti 1982 racing bike and the legendary Peugeot Ventoux. All of our bikes are in good shape and ready to cover the distances required.




Built at the famous traditional Rokycany plant in the ealr,y 1980s, this simple road bike Favorit was the most popular sports style bike in Czechoslovakia.

Duration: approx. 5 hrs, including meal and stops

Price: Czk 1500 (EUR 55) including three course menu, still water, bike rental, guide/mechanic, public transport tickets and minivan taxi back to Prague

Reservation:  Please use contact for or text message to +420 774 045 696.

Participants: up to 6 persons


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