The B(est)-Sides of Prague


Price pp, incl:

  • tour guide (English, Spanish, German, Italian)
  • bike rental (trekking bike)
  • bottle of still water
Minimum three participants

Just like any other historic city, Prague is to be best discovered on foot. If you’re visiting for the first time or have only a day or two for site seeing, there is nothing like a nice, long walk with a knowledgeable local friend or guide. Your shoes and the excellent public transport will get you just about anywhere, giving you the time needed to digest all the beauty seen and facts learned along the way.

However, if you’re already familiar with Charles bridge, Prague Castle, the Old Town Square etc and have the suspicion, that there must be, too, a Prague of the Praguers, it’s time to get on a bike. Nothing will give you a better insight into the B-Sides of Prague, that often enough beat the tourist sights of the historic centre, more and more facing depopulation. Most people just can’t live on souvenirs, Absinth, Russian dolls and fast food.

Neighbourhoods like Vršovice, Žižkov, Podolí, Bránik, Nusle, Smíchov or Holešovice might lack the spectacular monuments of the Old and Lesser Towns, but they are rich in popular culture, social life, cafés, pubs, history and even nature. Just a few kilometres outside the city centre, you can find breathtaking gorges, like Šárka and Prokopské údolí, green floodplains up the Vltava river and even vinyards like in Nusle and Troja.

Some of the most interesting museums and art galleries are located just outside the centre, e.g. National Technical and Agricultural museums, the Gallery of Modern Art, the unique Prague zoo and botanic garden. Within less than an hour cycling distance, you can reach the prehistoric sights of Unětice, the gothic castle of Karlstein, or the Průhonice park, a masterpiece of garden landscape architecture of worldwide importance – all this mainly on lanes and paths safe for bikers.

On indivídual tours, we will use Prague public transport, when needed, e.g. ferry boats. Prices include bike rental, tour guide, fresh water, public transportation ticket and a bike map. Helmets available (not compulsary).

Price per person: Czk750 (appr. 30 EUROS)
Duration: 3-4 hrs
available: Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting 2pm or upon request


Route Centre-South

Distance: appr. 30 km, 4hrs incl. breaks

Difficulty: easy (only 100 m elevation)

Mostly bike paths, parks and side streets with little car traffic

Points of interest: Vltava riverside (cafés. market), cubistic archtitecture, Vyšehrad fortress and National Cultural Monument, Podolí waterworks, Žluté lázně city spa, Bránik brewery, parks Modřany, Libuš. Kunratický les, golf courses, beer gardens, SAPA Asia market (excellent food), Botič creek valley, Havlickovy sady / Gröbovka park and vineyard, Jamrtál (“The Valley of Tears”) in the Nusle neighbourhood, Botanic Garden, Charles Square.