What we do

We rent out bicycles, touring equipment, and help cyclists have the best possible experience when exploring the Czech Republic and the neighbouring countries. Many clients choose the popular route from Prague to Dresden along the Elbe river. Others opt for the “Greenways” route to Vienna, some even to Berlin or Budapest. While we only operate a regular transfer service between Prague and Dresden, we’re happy to find solutions for any individual cycling adventure in our region. As resourceful local bike-packers, we’re happy to share our experience and help fellow cyclists.

In Prague, we run regular bike tours off (and on) the beaten paths, as well as individual guided tours. If you just want to explore the city or take a day trip (e.g. to Karlštejn castle, Unětice brewery), we can provide you with bikes, itineraries, and many useful tips (restaurants, public transportation, places of interest). Guided private tours are run by George, a former journalist and editor living in Prague since 1994 (English, German, Spanish).

For locals, we offer bike repair, maintenance, long-term rental service, and second hand sales at the Bike Cave, a side project started during the COVID-19 pandemics.

What we don’t have/do: e-bikes, scooters, last minute bike repair, “stag party” type of events 


Established in 2015, this is one of the newest bike rental services in Prague. Originally, we used old (or “vintage”) models, rebuilt and equipped for everyday usage. The idea was to bring “normal bikes for normal fees” on a market, where visitors were charged car rental fees for bikes. You can still find customer reviews from the early days on Google or TripAdvisor pointing out the budget friendly fees, along with good customer service.

Soon servicing or even finding spare parts for the  veterans became too challenging, and the growing demand for long distance tours (Dresden, Berlin…) made us opt for modern touring bicycles. Today, most of our bikes were built in 2020 or later, mainly by Czech manufacturers Author and Maxbike. Having said that, we still keep fees that won’t break the bank.


People and places

We’re a small team, but totally love what we’re doing. Instead of having a fancy showroom, we operate from a workshop situated in a man-made cave by the riverside. The “office” is a café nearby, where we usually meet our clients before going on a tour. This helps keeping fees low, but requires a bit of co-operation on your side – like booking on-line and making an appointment first.

Daniel & George

Chief mechanic, managing owner

The bike cave

Our storage and workshop has no access from the street; appointment needed.

office & meeting point

The nearby café (Kavárna Čekárna) is our favourite for office work and as a meeting point.

Just by the river

Our location at the foot of the Vyšehrad fortress, just off the main cycling path (A2) is ideal to start car-free tours southward, e.g. to Karlštejn castle.

"The car builders run the show here, right?"

Mobility magazine “Městem na kole” (“The city by bike”) interviewing George of Transphere about cycling in Prague (May 2021)