About us: Background and media coverage

From vintage bike collection to rentals and touring support

Transphere (Bikerentals.cz) is a bike rental and tour service operated by Czech Ltd Transphere, s.r.o., registered and based in Prague. George Pacurar, the founder and owner, is a bike lover and collector of steel frame road bikes from the 70s and 80s and started renting out second hand bicycles to support his growing collection of vintage vehicles. Besides, he occasionally works in his original profession, journalism, e.g. covering cycling and mobility topics for Welovecycling.com.

At the present time (April 2023), we have some 40 bikes of all types, mostly trekking bikes (all terrain) for multiple day tours (“bike-packing”). Whatever your cycling preferences are, you can probably find a comfortable solution. If not, we are happy to recommend other services nearby.

Media coverage

In October 2016, the STARTY.cz, a Czech online magazine focusing on social entrepreneurship published an article about this bike rental service, containing an video interview; all in Czech.

Následuje evropské trendy a turistům v Praze půjčuje retrokola


Student film / Interview / Profile / COVID-19 (autumn 2020)
“I’m thankful for everyone, who takes cycling as a daily means of transportation, says owner of Prague bike rental”

(Interview in online magazine dedicated to cycling and urban mobility, summer 2021)