Riverside tours: Cycling the Elbe bike path from Prague to Dresden

Cycling from Prague to Dresden by the Moldau (Vtava) and Elbe (Labe) is one of the most rewarding and physically least challenging bike trips to enjoy in Central Europe. You’re mostly following the rivers on dedicated cycling paths or small country roads, have little to fight with climbing, pass beautiful landscapes and discover historic towns. Alone or in small groups you can make it to Dresden in four days of easy cycling (4-5 hours per day). If you want to spend more time at one place or take a day off for hiking in the National Parks of Bohemian / Saxon Switzerland, you should plan on a full week.

We offer this as a self-guided tour with different levels of support, from luggage storage to bike transfer and even daily door-to-door baggage delivery by van. The tour is physically not challenging as it mostly follows the river, so you almost any cyclist can enjoy it without any special preparation. If you’re not sure, which tour option is best for you, please get in touch: via email / WhatsApp (info@bikerentals.cz / +420 774 045 696).

Welcome briefing and city cycling tour in Prague on the day before heading off.
The tour typically takes four biking days of 50-60 km. Ideal stops: Mělnik, Litoměřice, Děcin or Bad Schandau
When you arrive in Dresden after 250 km of cycling, you can drop off the bikes at your hotel, we’ll bring back to Prague.

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