Prague to Dresden Riverside Tour


Price for 4 days (touring bike rental, basic repair kit, maps and transport of bike back to Prague)

  • Total length: 230 km
  • Ideal duration: 4 – 7 days (3 to 6 night stays)
  • additional day Kč350 per bike

Cycling from Prague to Dresden by the Moldau (Vtava) and Elbe (Labe) is one of the most rewarding and physically least challenging bike trips to enjoy in Central Europe. You’re mostly following the rivers on dedicated cycling paths or small country roads, have little to fight with climbing, pass beautiful landscapes and discover historic towns. Alone or in small groups you can make it to Dresden in four days of easy cycling (4-5 hours per day). If you want to spend more time at one place or take a day off for hiking in the National Parks of Bohemian / Saxon Switzerland, you should plan on a full week.

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Suggested itinerary for 4 day tour


For inspiration, read the personal and beautifully illustrated photostory by Rory Wilmer. It follows exactly the route suggested here for a four-day bike trip.


Photostory Prague-Dresden


Day 1: Prague – Mělník

Day 2: Mělník-Litoměřice

Day 3: Litoměřice – Mezna Louka

Day 3: Mezna Louka  –  Dresden

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